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11 August, 2017

Why the US deliberately ignores the political nature of the conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia

Speaking on RT, author, historian & director of International Studies at Trinity College, Vijay Prashad, explained the US appetite for war in the Middle East.

In his analysis, he also explained specifically why the US ignores the political nature of the conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia:

          The Middle East cannot be primarily understood, based on sectarian divides. One has to, also see, from another standpoint, the very real conflict, the political conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

          This is a conflict about regional power, but it's also a conflict about the understanding of governance. Saudi Arabia is committed to Monarchical rule, Iran is committed to Republican rule, in other words, to have some sort of Democracy.

          These two visions in the region have been in conflict for a very long time, going back to the conflict between Gamal Abdel Nasser and the Nasserites against the Saudis. The position that the Nasserites took from the 1950s to the 1980s has now been taken over by Iran. In other words, this is a political conflict. To reduce it to a sectarian or religious conflict is very dangerous. The United States has been playing this kind of sectarian game for quite a while, essentially to emerge a top disorder as the leading power in the region.

The Anglo-American axis 'invested' for decades on Saudis, while created a bad relationship with Iran from the start, especially since the 1953 coup. Consequently, the US exhibit some kind of selective sensitivity concerning 'Freedom', 'Democracy', 'Human Rights'. It would be hard for the US to spoil its 'investment' only to justify its 'sensitivity' on these values.

This explains greatly why the US insist to ignore the fact that Iran has some level of Democracy while Saudi Arabia is a totalitarian theocracy.

Recall that the British with the help of the US staged a coup against the Iranian government in 1953 because the later proceeded in the nationalization of Iran's oil industry, being previously in British private hands. Newly declassified data reveal that the Anglo-American axis was also concerned about the power of the Communist party in Iran and the alliance with the democratically elected PM Mohammad Mosaddegh, fearing that the country could permanently pass under the Soviet influence.

A similar scenario we see today in Venezuela. Maduro is painted as 'dictator' while the Western mainstream media completely ignore the atrocities by supporters of the opposition. Again, the US exhibits a selective sensitivity on 'human rights' and the real reason is the same.

The US wants to overthrow Maduro in order to take back the rich oil resources of Venezuela on behalf of the US big oil cartel. The US tried to overthrow Hugo Chavez in 2002 with a coup, as he nationalized most of the oil industry which was under the control of US private corporations. The only difference is that it was not successful as the 1953 coup against the Iranian government.

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