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02 August, 2017

The US empire ready to stage another coup against Venezuela

When you hear Washington's hawks making announcements about a 'dictator', you should start to worry. We've seen this scenario endless times. The target is, one more time, Venezuela and the socialist government of Nicolas Maduro. One must be extremely naive to believe that the US banking/corporate puppets care about anything else than Venezuela's rich oil resources.

The US empire has lost so much credibility through endless wars based on big lies, orchestrated coups especially in Latin America countries, and all kinds of dirty interventions around the globe, that if there is anyone who seriously believes that these hypocrites really care about human rights, we should easily conclude that has been completely brainwashed by the Western media propaganda.

The US real agenda concerning Venezuela is so obvious that there is no need for further investigation on the issue. But if you still want further proof that oil is the real game, here is another piece of evidence, provided by Miguel Tinker Salas, an expert on Latin America, who explained on RT why the US has held off on sanctioning crude oil:

           So far, the sanctions have been against refined Venezuelan oil products and against individuals in the Venezuelan government. They have not been for the importation of crude. And the fact that they are not including crude, speaks to that interdependence and the fact that US oil producers and exporters don't want to upend the market. And potentially, that 10% extraction of Venezuelan oil, could spike US gasoline prices as well.

It other words, the US hypocrites attempt to suffocate Venezuela, but only as much as needed to overthrow Maduro, without risking a boomerang effect against US oil market. It seems that we have a carefully arranged wave of sanctions on behalf of the US empire that aim to bring a right-wing puppet in power, and therefore, the achievement of the final target: re-capturing Venezuela's oil resources by the US big oil cartel.

As political science expert George Ciccariello-Maher explained on Democracy Now:

           No one is asking, or, referring to the leaders of various other countries as dictators simply because their term has not been completed. And Maduro’s term is completed next year. There will be elections. Any constitutional reform that comes out of this assembly will go to a public vote. And so, we’re talking about a country that’s had more verified clean elections than really anywhere else on Earth in the past 15 to 20 years. And it’s really difficult to hear anyone, and much less the Trump regime, refer to this as a dictatorship.

           From Bush through Obama and into Trump, what we’ve seen is a desire to have an active role in removing a chavista government from power. The question has just been how to do so most effectively. There was a coup in 2002 backed by the Bush administration, and it failed. It was a kind of a disaster for the opposition politically. And so, then the Obama administration continued to fund those very same coup leaders, continued to fund people involved in that coup and right-wing antidemocratic elements, and to do so openly. And so it’s no surprise to see this happening now and to see the CIA expressing its open desire to be involved, because this has been the role for so long.

Everything shows that the US empire is determined to orchestrate another coup against the government of Venezuela, or, perhaps a civil war. Washington's hawks are more anxious than ever because they understand that it will become more and more difficult to intervene in case of a radical political transformation of Venezuela towards real Socialism.

In any case, the various open fronts they create through further sanctions against Russia, provocative actions against China, Iran and North Korea, provocative operations and further sanctions against Venezuela, reveal emphatically one thing: panic ...

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  1. Anonymous3/8/17 18:31

    For the USA the war must be short, winnable and with no (nuclear) threat to the homeland. So Venezuela fits the bill.