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03 June, 2017

Schaeuble declares war against one of the few powerful sectors of the Greek economy on behalf of the German oligarchy

It's not secret that Greek tycoons enjoy huge tax breaks at the expense of the majority of the Greeks who have been suffering through heavy taxation especially under Greece's creditors pressure. But do you really believe that the German Minister of Finance made such a statement because he cares about the Greek people? Of course not. The ruthless hypocrite just wants to crush the competition of a powerful sector on behalf of the corresponding German interests.


The Union of Greek Shipowners (UGS) on Friday reacted angrily to suggestions made by German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble that the Greek government had failed to keep promises to abolish a series of tax breaks for Greek shipping.

In an announcement, UGS President Theodore Veniamis talked about an "unwarranted attack" against Greece over the Greek shipping sector, which represented 50 pct of the shipping sector of Europe, while noting that the German finance minister appeared ignorant of the extremely favourable regime governing Germany's shipping sector.

"Mr. Schaeuble, pointedly overlooking the especially favourable regime governing German shipping, is turning with his statements against Greek shipping, which also happens to represent 50 pct of Community shipping, however - a primacy that clearly rankles. At a time with the European Union is called on to defend but also to enhance the competitiveness of its shipping against the tough competition from shipping centres outside Europe, Mr. Schaeuble's criticisms are provocatively without foundation," the announcement said.

Mr. Schäuble, who recently surpassed Mrs. Merkel in popularity in Germany, is under extreme pressure, mostly by the German capital, to "restructure" the eurozone through the Greek experiment. The German oligarchy is now in a cruel competition mostly with the US companies to hyper-automate production. It sends continuous signals that human labor will be unnecessary for its big companies and presses the German leadership to finish the experiment in Greece.

Poor Mr. Schäuble must give "earth and water" to the German oligarchs. He must organize a new Treuhand for the whole Europe to sell-off public property, he must completely dissolve labor rights, bring down pensions and wages, destroy the social state. He must end quickly with Greece and pass all the "Greek achievements" to the whole eurozone.

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